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Applied Leadership

Latest Projects

BAILEY BILL PROGRAM– Prepared and presented the ordinance amendment, adopted by Council, and provided executive oversight of the historic preservation program which offers property tax incentives, promotes economic development and revitalizes neighborhoods and commercial districts. 7 rehabilitated structures will generate a projected increase in property values of 2.8% in 3 communities in the first 5 years.

PROCESS RESTRUCTURE–Successfully transformed an inefficient, paper-based process into an automated workflow platform for executives. Efficiency savings were optimized by decreasing bottlenecks, standardizing document creation and electronically routing forms reducing average turnaround from 8 to 3 days.

AMERICAN WITH DISABILITIES ACT COMPLIANCE– Appointed the ambassador for developing policy and aggressive action plan to build gateway of seamless access to County programs, services, employment opportunities and facilities for customers, safeguarding millions of dollars in sustained Federal funding. Analyzed 39 departments agency-wide and collaborated with disability-related community partners, governmental agencies and advocacy groups to identify barriers to accessibility.


“She is meticulous in her preparation, analysis and adherence to timetables for performance milestones. She has an excellent understanding of municipal operations…” – B. Godfrey, Deputy City Manager, Portsmouth, VA (Linked In)

“LIVING” 5-YEAR STRATEGIC PLAN–Created strategic planning process that linked policy direction to operations at all levels. Led the redesign, adoption, implementation and evaluation of this sustainable and responsive plan.

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