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Justine Jones Headshot

Proven Leadership

Over 20 Years Experience:


Strong record of delivering large, complex and politically sensitive projects while creating productive and robust relationships between policymakers, stakeholders and constituents. 


Honed expertise in delivering change that exceeds organizational objectives for costs and efficiencies while uniting teams to a common purpose within complex political and fiscal climates.

Available for:

* Contracting Opportunities

* Permanent Hire

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“She is meticulous in her preparation, analysis and adherence to timetables for performance milestones. She has an excellent understanding of municipal operations…” – B. Godfrey, Deputy City Manager, Portsmouth, VA


"Transformation begins with a single decision to embrace change and evolve into the best version of yourself."

Justine Jones

Arthur Beck



“LIVING” 5-YEAR STRATEGIC PLAN–Created strategic planning process that linked policy direction to operations at all levels. Led the redesign, adoption, implementation and evaluation of this sustainable and responsive plan.

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